hillary keel | writing


“…to be free in every aspect.” Mighty Beardo

a stroller, a flaneur, the quiet
of, there is snow, a snowy
smile in perfect freedom,
every aspect, this day
brings, spectacle of, in the
middle of the lane, its center—
you are the center, I want
to be a perception, captured,
freedom captured, a split second
of 50 million downy crystals, they
fall in torrents, in waves sent
from sky, from every angle a
free light falls to ground, you
say, "my interest is my heart"—
this is what I hear—every aspect
of supreme energy is the miracle
of infinite crystals, the path, its
schooling, its care, the reflection
and time this takes.
Lane lined with cars
parked in snow as sky teaches
the interest of the heart as
you speak it, "my interest
is my heart" and its reflection,
schooling of snowy split
seconds and dance of
afternoon blizzard, success
of snow-filled lane connecting
via snowy beard and camera
eye—your instrument for
speaking to Europe, Africa,
this Brooklyn street lined
in heaping snow banks, tree
branches weighing.
The stroller, a bag of books, a
scarf where a child sits
develops a moment of liberating
perspective and laid-back
seeds of friendliness like
seeds of light melt
on lashes—being a parent
means to fail.
This is not an image of me, but
of you and your heart in every
aspect, in eternal freedom.